New to Social Media? Tips and Guidance to help you

I’m a huge fan of social media and have been active on Twitter since Jan 2009. I’ve got quite a few friends who have only recently joined so I thought I’d share some old blog posts here which might help them and anyone else who’s fairly new to social media.

There might even be some nuggets of goodness to people who have been on social media for a while too.

I hope you find these useful.

PLEASE NOTE: As some of the posts are a few years old, some of the content is out of date. The different Social Media platforms are always evolving so it can be pretty hard to keep up!

How Does Facebook Measure up Versus Ad Agencies [Infographic]

Gravatar – Your Globally Recognisable Avatar

Why you Should @ reply on Twitter

Twitter Spam and how to avoid it

I’m So Sorry I don’t always notice your Retweets!

I don’t have Time to use Social Media!

How to Use LinkedIn Effectively for your Business

2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

It’s NOT about me – it’s all about YOU!

So you want to start blogging?

Twitter ReTweet Advice

My Twitter Presence

The Social Media Train Journey – What to do Once You’re On Board

My first Mobile Blog – Twitter Search Nearby Function

Social Media – Why you need to be on board

Social Networking – Are you just a card dealer?

Yes to Facebook in the Workplace!

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