Periscope – Why I think it’s Going to be Huge!

periscope_logoPeriscope is an exciting new social media, live streaming video tool from Twitter.
It’s a mobile app which you can use to record and broadcast live to a global audience.

In this post I start by sharing with you how you can get started. Then I explain why I think this really will be the biggest thing since sliced bread!

If you’ve never heard of Periscope or you’re not sure what it is and what you can do with it - check it out here.

Download the App

First things first

Now that you have downloaded the app onto your mobile device here’s a quick starter list so you can get up and running and using Periscope.

  1. Sign in. As it’s a Twitter product you can sign in using your Twitter profile.
  2. Complete your Bio. (Periscope automatically populates you Bio with your Bio from Twitter) But you should change it. The Twitter Bio is longer than Periscope so it will truncate your Bio in Periscope.
  3. Add a nice photo. People on Periscope don’t like Logos and definitely don’t like the Twitter/Periscope egg! Periscope is all about you’; the person behind your business. People want to see your face. And make it the same face you use when Periscoping! Nothing worse than a photo that’s 5 years old. People will get a surprise when then watch you scope.
  4. Make sure your Bio explains to people what you’ll be scoping about. So add keywords and be sure you add a link to your website.
    Here’s my Periscope Bio as an example:Photo 05-07-2015 08 08 03
  5. Start following people. Follow your friends and the people you know on Twitter and respect. As you find them, see who they’re following and then follow some of them too.
    A top tip, if people have not done a broadcast yet, they will only have 1 heart on their profile. If you look back at my profile image above, you’ll see at the time of posting I had just over 11,500 hearts. So make sure you follow people who have done some broadcasts.
  6. Notifications of Live Scopes. Periscope notifies you whenever any one you’re following is scoping LIVE.
  7. Watch broadcasts. On Periscope you can watch LIVE broadcasts and you can also replay broadcasts. They stay on Periscope for 24 hours. After that the are deleted. I quite like this, as it greats a sense of urgency to encourage people to watch LIVE or within the next day.
    Watching broadcasts will give you a sense of the power of Periscope and you’ll get a feel for some of the different ways people are using this exciting, new platform.
  8. Get Broadcasting! Then, dive in and get scoping! You have expertise in what you do and you’re perspective is unique. You have greatness to offer your audience and you’ll be amazed at how engaging people are when you’re LIVE scoping.

Watching and Participating in Scopes
As you begin watching other people’s scopes here a few tips which I hope will help you.

  • You can join in the conversation on a LIVE scope by texting comments. That is part of the power of Periscope. You can see comments from others on the scope and you can add your own comments into the conversation which adds value.
  • You can give Hearts by tapping the screen. Hearts help the broadcaster as they see them on their screen and this lets them know you like their scope and it also helps to raise their profile. Periscope uses Hearts as a sort of ranking – people with the most Hearts get featured on Periscope.
  • Click other people’s comments to open their Periscope profile. You can then find out more about them and choose to follow them.
  • Reply to others in the Scope. When you click a comment, you’ll see in their profile there is an option “Reply”. Use this to reply to someone in a scope. When you do, they will see your reply with a big arrow which lets them know that you are replying to them directly.
  • Contribute to the person’s scope by adding comments in agreement and with your opinion. This helps to get you noticed and other people will click your comment to see your profile and follow you.
  • Invite others to join in the LIVE scope. If you’re watching a LIVE broadcast and you think it’s worth sharing with others then invite them to join in. Swipe right on IOS or up on Android. On a LIVE scope you can then see more details on the scope. You can see the title of the scope, the broadcaster’s profile and all the people on the scope.
    To share click “Share” under the Broadcaster’s name. You’ll then see a menu of options pop up:

    1. Share with specific people
    2. Share with all followers
    3. Share on Twitter
    4. Copy to clipboard

    I tend to choose to share with all followers unless it’s something I’m watching that I know someone specific who will like it. Then I’ll just invite them.
    The Share on Twitter option never works for me. I get an error that comes back from Twitter.
    The copy to clipboard is useful if you want to share it via another medium such as your blog or Facebook or via an email

    PLEASE NOTE: You can only “share” and invite others during the LIVE scope, not during the Replay.

So that’s just a whistle stop guide to getting started on Periscope. From what I’ve seen in just over a week since joining, I truly believe that Periscope is going to be a game changer. In fact, it is already! It’s the most engaging social media platform I’ve ever used and you’ll see what I mean once you jump in!

And it’s not just me who thinks it’s going to be a game changer. Here’s another really great blog post from Chris Ducker where he shares 12 ways to use Periscope.
And Mark Shaw recently did a survey via Topsy and during the last month there were 1.5 million live broadcasts across Periscope and Meerkat!

So if you’re not already using Periscope, I urge you to install the app, edit your profile and get watching some scopes. I promise you it won’t be long after that, that you pluck up the courage to begin scoping yourself.

To check out some of the Sparkling Diamonds on Periscope who are worth following and watching please go to www.SparklingPeriscope.Diamonds

If you need any help or guidance or want to talk about Periscope and how I think it can help your business then please get in touch.

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  1. Hi! My name is Emily and I was on your periscope this evening! My question was are you with ? You asked me to share with you what it is!
    After looking at your site I was laughing to myself :)
    I am also on Internet evangelist , shopping consultant teach the shopping annuity and how to own your own business! I’m live in Bristol Connecticut USA
    And my Internet site is from UK looking forward to hearing from you!

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