Periscope Hashtags & How Global Brands Could Use Them!

Whilst watching a live stream broadcast on Periscope viewers can give hearts to show their support to the broadcaster by tapping the screen of their smart phone or tablet.

By the way, if you have no clue what Periscope is, you can find out more on my post from August 2015: Periscope – Why I think it’s Going to be Huge!

As the viewers tap on the screen, hearts are generated and float up the right hand side of the screen. See the image below.

Periscope Hearts

Each new viewer is allocated a colour. This helps to differentiate people when they comment. The colour is also the colour given to the hearts. In the image above you can see the comments and the different colours of the people’s profile photo next to the comments and the different coloured hearts too.

Themed Hearts
Up until October 2015, when people tapped the screen only hearts were generated. But the week before Halloween Periscope, unannounced, launched bats as well as hearts. Periscope are calling these new icons “themed hearts”. When a broadcaster used the themed hearts hashtag #Halloween in the title of their Periscope, anyone who tapped to give hearts also generated the occasional bat themed heart! It was very cool and people loved it.

Then for the World Series of Series of Baseball, Periscope added the themed hearts hashtag #worldseries. This one generated baseballs! It looked really cool seeing white baseballs in among the hearts. See the image below of all the hearts, bats and baseballs floating up the screen!

Shortly followed a week or so later with #thanksgiving themed hearts of a turkey!


Obviously these are all very US centric which makes sense as Twitter and Periscope are both American based companies.

I hope as Periscope gains more subscribers from around the world they add other themed hearts relevant to other countries. For example, an FA cup icon during the FA Cup in England; a crown icon for the Queen’s birthday; the Olympic Rings icon during the Olympics; the Jules Rimet World Cup icon during the World Cup; a Chinese dragon icon for Chinese New Year, perhaps a tennis racquet themed heart for #Wimbledon and so on.

Periscope then released #birthday themed hearts which produced balloons, which again is very clever and people love using this to wish fellow scopers Happy Birthday!

Christmas & New Year 2016
In the recent run up to the Christmas holidays Periscope released a few new themed heart hashtags.

#2016 – 2016
#newyear – 2016
#Christmas – Christmas Trees
#Hanukkah – A dreidel toy top
#winter – snowflakes
#snow - snowflakes
#snowflake - snowflakes
#colbert – Stephen Colbert – The Late Show
#lssc – Late Show Stephen Colbert

The Late Show
The #Colbert and #lssc hashtags were added after the Periscope founder, Kayvon Beykpour, was interviewed by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on 19th December 2015!

Check out the cool photo below of Stephen Colbert next to the Periscope themed heart of himself!


Photo courtesy of @Jonah His tweet of the photo is here.

You can see the full interview with Kayvon & Stephen below:

This could be huge. It showed me a glimpse of the potential that Periscope has because it can add whatever themed heart hashtags it fancies. For example, I’m sure Periscope has plans for those up coming annual events such as Valentines Day – perhaps the Cupid icon! An Easter egg or bunny rabbit for Easter, the American Football Vince Lombardi trophy for the Superbowl, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Many of the hashtags are time limited. There isn’t much known about the different hashtags. This AdWeek Social Times article explains the “themed hearts” as Periscope calls them and Tyler Hansen, a Periscope designer, explains the surprise element and that Periscope are not telling people which themed hearts hashtags are available!

For example, #Halloween, #worldseries and #thanksgiving no longer work. So Periscope are obviously limiting those linked to a calendar event for a certain time frame. It makes sense and I’m sure they’ll stop the Christmas related ones in early January.

List of Hashtags (that I’ve discovered) so far*
#halloween – bats
#worldseries – baseballs
#thanksgiving – turkeys
#birthday – balloons
#2016 – 2016 icons
#newyear – 2016 icons
#Christmas – Christmas Trees
#Hanukkah – A dreidel toy top
#winter – snowflakes
#snow - snowflakes
#snowflake - snowflakes
#colbert – Stephen Colbert – The Late Show
#lssc – Late Show Stephen Colbert

Brands & Advertising Revenue
I love the massive potential that hashtags have for global brands. I can see Periscope engaging with Brands and in return for an annual fee, they add the brand’s corporate logo so the hashtag shows instead of hearts.

For example, Periscope could offer Mercedes Benz the hashtag #MercedesBenz and any time this is used in a Periscope title, the scope only shows the Mercedes Benz logo instead of hearts.

This could be great for so many global brands. And I wouldn’t mind seeing a logo instead of hearts in those “hashtag sponsored ” scopes. That would be much better than seeing banner ads across Periscope.

Think of all the different industries and how the themed hearts hashtags could be used!

Movie Themed Hearts!
During the recent hype around the new James Bond movie, Spectre – the film company could have sponsored a themed hearts James Bond hashtag #007 and had the 007 logo as a themed heart!

And during the launch of Star Wars, Disney / Lucas Films could have sponsored a Star Wars hashtag and had #starwars logo themed hearts! And the awesome team at Periscope could have gone one step further and their developers could have even had hearts/logos and comments scrolling up at an angle like the Star Wars intro!

There is no end to how Periscope can leverage the use of hashtags and use them to add some serious advertising and sponsored revenue.

*Are there any other hashtags you’ve noticed? Please comment below and let me know the ones you’ve spotted and I’ll add them to the list above.

And if you’re from a global brand, I’d love to talk to you about this and how you can use Periscope to reach a truly global audience.

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