Personal Domain Names & Why you Should Own Yours

Get your personal domain nameIt still surprises me the number of people I meet who do not own their personal domain name. I own:

and my wife and daughter have their personal domain names too.

A domain name is a finite source. There can only be one and once it’s been registered no one else can get it, as long as I renew it at the time of renewal, or I forget to renew it! You never know when you might want to use your own domain name and if you haven’t protected it by registering it, then you could be disappointed when the time comes that you do want to use it and try to register it.

The obvious two main uses of a personal domain name are for:

  • Email
  • A website

You Don’t have to use your Broadband email address!
When you get broadband you automatically get an email address from your broadband provider. So if I was with BT or Sky my email address might be or Now that’s all well and good but what happens when I change broadband provider to say Orange? I lose my old email account and have to set up a new email address with Orange and then go through all the hassle of telling my friends and family, many of whom won’t remember and will still continue to send emails to you at your old email address!

With your own personal domain name this doesn’t happen. I’m with Tiscali – now TalkTalk – for my broadband and even though I do have a email address I never use it. I don’t need to. I use an email address on my personal domain name – So if and when I change broadband providers it makes no difference to me that TalkTalk will delete my old email account because I don’t use it. And, I won’t have to bother telling my friends, family and business contacts because they all use my email address already.

My wife rides dressage horses and has represented GB on numerous occasions; in March 2007 on The Spanish Sunshine Tour, August 2007 at Hickstead and May 2009, at the Royal Windsor Horse Show. She’d had a personal domain name which she uses for email for a while. A couple of years ago she was considering getting a website designed and as a rider she wanted to use her own name for the website because like most sports people they promote themselves using their brand – their own name. So she had no worries on that score because she’s already had her own domain name!

My wife competes in her maiden name and her website is

Perhaps there will come a time when you want to set up a website on your own personal domain name. You might want to start blogging and use your own name for your blog or perhaps you are a business coach or a consultant or a trainer. It makes sense to use your own name as your business and therefore a personal domain name would be needed.

If you haven’t yet got yours then click here and check today to see if it’s still available.

babyhandsfeetA personal domain name for new born babies
The other area where I’m a huge advocate of getting a personal domain name is for our children. I bought the and .com in our daughter’s name and I’m really pleased I did. She is already beginning to use it with friends at school and even had to send her maths teacher an email of some photos of shapes last week. He was so impressed she had her own email address! I bought her domain names soon after she was born. It appears there is a Doctor in the Midlands with the same name. After a year or so I got a phone call from her asking if I was prepared to sell my daughter’s domain name as she wanted to use it! There can only ever be one version on any domain name extension and my daughter has all the main ones for her name. I politely declined the doctor and so she’ll have had to look for alternative domain names.

In America there has been a trend of buying domain names for newborn babies since about 2007. See this article from the Fox News website – Parents Rush to Register Newborn Babies’ Internet Domain Names and I’m surprised more people here in the UK don’t do this. The children of today and tomorrow are going to be living and breathing the Internet and will no doubt have websites and blogs of their own. The other thing you can do with your own domain name is point it to your FacebookTwitter or whichever social network page of your choice. With the younger generation embracing these social networks I think we’ll see a lot more of this in the future.

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet grabbed the personal domain names for you and your family; you’re not alone. I recently asked a few people who work in the domain name industry if they had bought personal domain names for themselves and their family. I was surprised to learn quite a few of them hadn’t!

So protect your’s and your children’s Internet identity today and get your personal domain names before someone else does.

The Domain Name business is changing – new gTLDs

For a long time there were only 20 or so gTLDs (generic top level domains). In 2011 ICANN – Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers announced it would be creating more gTLDs and approved the new program that will significantly expand the number of gTLDS, allowing companies, organisations and anyone in between to buy their own domain name extensions such as .google, .bentley, .email, .guru, .photography etc.

There were over 1,900 new gTLDS applied for and some of them will be in contention where more than one party has applied to run a specific gTLD. For example, .blog had nine different applicants and .tech had five different applicants! So many of these will go to auction where the highest bidder will win the right to run that gTLD. I think we’ll see some of them going for big money! These are different to single domain names. These are gTLDs so the winning bidder will be running the whole Registry. Think about how many different domain names could be sold to end users on a gTLD like .blog?!
ICANN has published details of the Auction schedule the first of which is to be held on 14th June this year.

I went to ICANN Singapore last month and I have to say I was excited to feel the buzz and the energy in the conference centre. There’s no doubt that a lot of people have invested huge amounts of money in this latest change in the domain name landscape. It’s definitely much more competitive and understandably so. We’ve seen new players enter the market place. One good example is Donuts Inc. They applied to run 307 of these new gTLDs. Read an interesting article about  their initial $100m round of private equity funding.

From late last year the first of these new gTLDs started to become available and many are now available to the public to register. If I’m honest, I was a bit on the fence as to whether the general public would go for all these different new domain name extensions but I have to say I’ve been amazed at the demand.

And in fact, I’ve jumped on the band wagon. I recently bought which I really like and I also bought which just caught my eye. I’m a huge coffee lover and one of the new gTLDs is .coffee so I also own :-)
They are just some of the fun ones. From a business perspective I see a lot of potential in these and I’ve bought quite a few that are business related around the different products and services in the businesses I run.

Here are the top 20 most popular new gTLDs as of today 26th April 2014. (See for all the facts and figures)

Top 20 new gTLDs

If you’re interested in knowing more about the new gTLDs please get in touch and I’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

If you want to jump in and grab yours then go to and get yours now.

Beware! A New Domain Name Renewal SCAM!

Please Read This Carefully

A friend received an email notification with the title of Registration Expiration.

See the image below of the exact notification.

SEServices Scam

You’ll see if refers to a domain name (I’ve hidden the ID to protect the owner) with a Registration date and price of $75.00 for 1 year! Just ridiculous. The average price for a domain name for 1 year is about £10.00.

They have then been clever in the wording of the notice. Now most people wouldn’t read it properly – it looks like a bill and a lot of people would just click through to make the payment.

When you actually read it, it states a company called SE Services provides submission services and search engine ranking organisation for domain owners. So it’s NOT actually for the renewal of your domain name. It’s a payment for submission and search engine ranking services.

But of course, it’s obvious these people or person won’t do anything for you except take your money and bank it!

I did a bit of digging and found this other blog post from last month from a Money Scams Exposed blog – 

It seems it’s a new scam based on an old variation. I wrote about the Domain Renewal Group of America last year, and how they post renewal letters to domain name owners hoping they’ll fill out the form and send it back with credit card details ora cheque.

See Beware of this Domain Name Renewal SCAM!

So please be very careful and please tell all your family, friends and work colleagues about this new scam.

If you’ve had an email like this one or anything similar please share your story in the comments below.