Dickie ArmourI am General Manager of Fibranet Services Ltd and have been involved in the group directly and indirectly since 1999. I have over thirteen years experience of running Internet based businesses predominately based around domain name registration, software and web development and web hosting.

In August 2012 we launched My Brand Email. It’s a service which allows big brands to sell email addresses to their fans and supporters.

We exhibited in 2014 in Las Vegas at the Licensing Expo. Check out the video below. I feature at the 1min 20secs point.

In May 2011 I became a Non-Executive Director of Nominet, the central Registry for all .uk domain names.

In 2014 I was one of the judges on the Steering Group for the Nominet Trust 100. See the video below.

I founded the Business Mentors Club in 2009, which helps small businesses in the South West share best practice, including social media opportunities and business mentoring.

Apart from Nominet, I am NOT currently a director of any other business nor do I have a stake or shareholding in any other business, apart from standard pensions and investments.

Please connect with me on LinkedIn if you know me or if we’ve done business together.

Prior to the dot com crash I was Global Head of Sales concentrating on eCommerce software. After the crash I ran the dedicated server business within NTWebhost and PowerHost. Both businesses were successfully sold to Tollon Ltd in December 2002 and I went as part of the deal. I was Managing Director of Tollon for two years and oversaw all aspects of the hosting business from domain name registration and hosting through to broadband and software development. I sat on a round table forum at Microsoft’s first ever UK Hosting event and worked closely with Microsoft whilst we adopted their SPLA licencing model. Having served my time at Tollon I left and came back to Fibranet Services Ltd.

Prior to my Internet business life I was a stockbroker in the City for just over sixteen years. I began on the floor of the Stock Exchange and in 1983, at seventeen, I was the youngest dealer on the floor. I saw huge changes during my career, from Big Bang in 1986 through to the introduction of electronic trading in the late 90s. The last firm I worked for in the City was Cantor Fitzgerald International where I helped introduce their e-Speed business, a new electronic trading platform which the market makers used to enter their own prices into Cantor’s systems. It was the first of its kind.

I have over 33 years experience in business, well developed interpersonal skills and a proven background in developing and maintaining business relationships at the highest levels. I am self motivated, highly positive and a good team player. I am honest and still follow the Stock Exchange’s motto; “Dictum Meum Pactum”: my word is my bond.