2015 and All the Amazing People & Stuff that happened on Periscope!

periscope_logoI completely agree with Apple. Periscope is so deserving of it’s accolade as App Store Best onf 2015!

If you’ve not yet heard of Periscope or you have but you’re not exactly sure what it is or you want to know more, please read my post from August 2015 – Periscope – Why I Think It’s Going to be Huge!

I discovered Periscope in July this year and it was without doubt the BEST thing I did in 2015! I have made so many great friends and people who I’ll be listing below. I’ve won loads of new customers who have bought domain names and website hosting! I’ve been featured on episode 16 of a podcast called The Healthy Success Podcast with Kristian Cotta and invited to be the keynote speaker at an annual conference here in the UK. (I couldn’t make it due to a previous commitment, but was thrilled to have been asked!)  And one of the highlights was meeting one of Hollywood’s top cinematographers and we hit it off. We’ve swapped mobile numbers and have had loads of chats via WhatsApp and he’s even talking about flying me and my family out to LA for one of his parties! Complete madness!
I’ve also been asked to be interviewed on a local radio station in January 2016 and I’ve been featured on the Richtopia list of Bristish Entrepreneurs Top 100!

I’ve been on social media since the early 2000′s and no other social media platform has the depth of engagement I’ve experienced via Periscope.

The wonderful thing about broadcasting via a live streaming app like Periscope is people get to see you; the person behind the business and get to see the whites of your eyes and they see you warts and all. There is no hiding behind a website or trying to pretend to be something you’re not.

And this leads to much richer and deeper relationships which can be built so much faster than any other social media expect of course real life face to face!

But sometimes, even Periscope wins there too. Every time I broadcast people in far flung parts of the world get to see my ugly mug and because I scope almost every day it means they get to see me and interact with me far more often than many people do in real life. Another reason why the cementing of new friends and business relationships can happen way faster online than offline.

But that’s a different debate I don’t want to get drawn into on here!

The point of this post was to share some of the wonderful things that have happened as a direct result of being on Periscope and some of the amazing people I’ve met. Periscope is a brilliant way of getting you and your business more attention.

Here’s a list of just a few of the people I’ve met on Periscope who I’ve made a connection with and many of whom have become really good friends and many have become good customers! The links below go to their Twitter accounts.

Angus Grady
Mark Shaw
Yvonne Burrows
Grant Cardone
Nathan Hague
Chocolate Johnny
Alex Pettitt
Julie Ann
Jim Bob Howard
Katie Lance
Robert Saunders
Jonah DiPasquale
Allison Donnelly
Lucy Hall
Amy Loves
Ms. Candy Blog
Liz Melville
Melanie Bundock
Alieshia Cross
Marcus Boswell
Matt Smith
Grant Cunningham
Alice Sheridan
Matt Crane
Patrick Martell
Zoe Darlington
Kathy Anderson
Jez Johnson
Michala Leyland
John Boone
Kristian Cotta
Kelly White
Simon Rowe
Eliot Lumba
Vicki Fitch
Damion Elson
Cricket Fox
Laura Husson
Luise – Ms_Sparky
Filip Novak
Chloë Forbes-Kindlen
Frankie Pittle
Greg Dibruno
Denise Cowle
Dana Garrison
Chris Ducker
Malin Morrison
Brian Fanzo

They are not in any particular order. I don’t want to upset people by putting any particular emphasis on one above another. Suffice to say each person on the list has made a lasting impression with me and I’m extremely grateful for all the fun and laughter and the new relationships we formed since July.

Thank you so much for being part of the amazing journey on Periscope! :-)

And to all those new customers; thank you so much for trusting in me and for the business.

2015 has been incredible and I can’t wait to get going with 2016. Only 30 minutes to go!

Happy New Year everyone and I look forward to getting to know many more of you in 2016.Let’s have even more fun and frolics and success next year! If you want me, I’ll be on Periscope!

If you would like to know more about how to use Periscope for your business get my FREE 138 page eBook here. 

Footnote: Please forgive me if I’ve missed you off the list! I was rushing to get this done before Midnight! Please tweet me or comment below and I’ll add you! You still rock and are completely awesome – forgive me please! ;-)


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